Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth

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February 15, 2024

Kristin staff pick

Get ready to explore Earth’s polar regions from the comfort of your own home in this beautiful new book for young readers! The Arctic and Antarctica are located at opposite ends of the Earth. Each of these regions have many things in common such as bitter cold temperatures, ferocious winds and darkness lasting six months of the year!

Have you ever thought about the animals that call the Arctic or Antarctica home though? Have you ever wondered how they survive in such bone-chilling locations that would be deadly for humans? This thought-provoking and stunningly illustrated book from the award-winning team of local author L.E. Carmichael and illustrator Byron Eggenschwiler thoroughly teaches readers how animals at opposite ends of the Earth survive.

Each spread in the book is devoted to a month, and allows readers to compare two stories on opposite pages about an animal in the Arctic and an animal in Antarctica. There are also sections that cover topics such as seasons, winter weather and types of ice. On the last few pages, there is a timely description of the disruptions that climate change is causing on the polar regions and how this will have terrible consequences on both humans and animals around the globe.

Finally, this is a wonderful book for curious young minds who are interested in learning about animal habitats, migration, hibernation and what it takes for various species to survive in the coldest places on Earth!


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