Equipment & Gear

From radon detectors and pedometers to telescopes and sports equipment, the aim of this “library of things” collection is to enrich your life and save you money.

Experience Kits

Interesting in discovering something new? Our experience kits include everything you need to pick up a new hobby from birdwatching to geocaching, stargazing to nature walking.


Explore the night sky from Lennox & Addington’s famed Dark Sky Viewing Area near Tamworth or even from your own backyard. We have several models of telescopes to choose from.

GPS Units

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game that involves finding hidden containers, called geocaches, and sharing the experience online. Borrow one of our GPS units to discover one of the many caches in L&A.


Thanks to our friends at the Rural Frontenac L&A Allied Health Team, we are now lending pedometers! Walking is a great activity to improve your health, and these digital pedometers serve as useful tools for tracking habits and gauging progress.

Radon Detectors

In partnership with KFL&A Public Health, we have established a radon detector lending program. The detectors, which can be borrowed for up to six weeks, allow users to monitor radon levels in and make informed decisions regarding mitigation.


Research has shown that the more words spoken to a child between birth and 4 years, the more likely they are to reach their potential. The Starling counts the words your baby is exposed to (without recording) so you always know you’re saying enough.

And More!

Sewing machines, energy meters, light therapy lamps… we have plenty of equipment and devices that defy categorization. Browse our catalogue to see all of the “extras” that we offer.


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