The Woman in the Library

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October 14, 2022

Get ready for a truly thought-provoking modern mystery that is sure to entertain and enthrall you from the very first page with this new novel!

At the core of this book is a story of how four people are brought together by a blood-curdling scream that shatters the silence in the Reading Room of the Boston Public Library. One of these four individuals is Freddie, an Australian author who is working on writing her next novel in the United States.

Freddie’s life is about to change forever though when she strikes up a friendship with the other three people seated at her table as they wait for security guards to determine the source of the scream. Little does Freddie know that she will meet her future lover, best friend and a murderer all in the same day because of that piercing scream in the library.

On top of this thrilling storyline, another unexpected twist comes to light when readers learn that Freddie’s tale is entirely a figment of imagination within a new character’s mind! Freddie, her new friends and the scream in the library are all part of another overlapping story being written by an Australian woman named Hannah. She is corresponding with an American writer named Leo, emailing him chapters of her mystery novel as she writes them. While Leo responds to each of Hannah’s chapters with helpful feedback and input, readers will quickly realize that there is clearly a mysterious, sinister side to this man.

The cat and mouse games between these two layered mysteries lead to several unexpected surprises, and a stunning final chapter that will leave you wanting more from all of these unforgettable characters!

Finally, The Woman in the Library is a delicious treat for any book and library lovers out there who are looking for an outstanding mystery novel that will ensnare them from beginning to end!


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