The Overnight Guest

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January 14, 2023

From the New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf, comes a new, engrossing, thriller that is sure to chill you to the bone and keep you reading all night long! In The Overnight Guest, we meet Wylie Lark who is currently snowed in at her farmhouse, miles from any civilization, where she has retreated to write her new book. As a severe blizzard rages on, Wylie is forced outside when her dog refuses to come when called, and horrifyingly finds a half-frozen child in her front yard!

After struggling on the ice-covered ground to get the child inside for warmth and safety, Wylie discovers clear signs of abuse and trauma on the poor little boy. She then decides to brave the elements once again to see if perhaps there has been a car accident nearby as others may need help. Sure enough, Wylie finds a truck crashed in a nearby ditch and an injured woman who is quickly freezing to death. She cannot fathom who these two odd strangers are, and why they seem willing to risk their lives to run away from something or someone in the midst of such terrible weather.

Within this unspooling mystery we learn of another that took place twenty years earlier on the very same farm Wylie lives on now. The previous family who lived in the farmhouse were tragically murdered one night with the only survivors being their daughter and her friend. In addition, the author offers a third narrative strand that is told from the perspective of an unknown young girl who lives with her mother, in absolute fear of a brutal father. The author creates masterful suspense that builds within each separate storyline that you will find terrifying and absolutely addicting!

You will be flying through the pages as you cheer Wylie on, hoping that she uncovers the truth and prevails against horrifying odds in order to see justice done for both past and imminent crimes. In summary, this tightly woven braid of a novel will have you holding your breath as you turn the pages, keep you occupied during cold winter nights and is sure to be on your mind long after the final page is turned!  


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