The Night She Disappeared

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December 10, 2021

Lisa Jewell is a favorite author of mine so I was excited to read her latest offering The Night She Disappeared and as usual I was not disappointed. This story has a captivating and intricately woven plot that kept me on the edge of my seat.

When teen mother Tallulah and her boyfriend Zach go missing after a rare night out, her mother Kim is left to care for baby Noah while trying to piece together the mystery of their disappearance. Distraught, Kim knows in her heart that Tallulah would never abandon her baby.

Scarlett, a mysterious new college friend of Tallulah’s, might know more than she is letting on but she isn’t revealing anything. With no solid leads, the police suspect the young parents have simply run off and after a year has passed their disappearance is considered a cold case.

A year later novelist Sophie and her boyfriend Shaun move to a cottage in the area where Tallulah and Zach were last seen. While walking in the surrounding woods one day Sophie finds an ominous sign that says “Dig Here.” Of course her curious mind compels her to investigate further and she discovers a confusing clue that may just be integral to solving the mystery of what happened to the young couple.

When all is revealed at the shocking conclusion of this highly suspenseful book I am reminded of why I enjoy books by this author. If you enjoy thrillers as much as I do you will want to read this one.


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