The Homewreckers

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October 7, 2022

You just know any Mary Kay Andrews book will deliver on quirky characters, a good mystery to solve, lots of humour, and some romance, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Hattie Cavanaugh is a young widow who works alongside her father-in-law, as well as flipping houses on her own.  Hattie broke the first rule of house flipping with a beautiful old Victorian  – never let your heart overrule your mind – and she and her father-in-law both lost a lot of money. Enter Mo, a producer of reality TV shows (along the lines of HGTV) – after seeing Hattie at work he decides she’d be great starring in a home renovation show. After some convincing, Hattie goes against her better judgment and accepts an offer to host a house flipping reality TV show … because what could go wrong, right? 

She buys a run-down, condemned little cottage on Tybee Island, and the fun begins.  First the head of the network decides to bring in a self-absorbed “star” designer to add to the cast, then the wallet of a local wife, mom, & teacher who’s been missing for 15 years is found in the house, and the former homeowner’s family are resentful that she has their property and keep creating problems for her, and of course there are sparks between Hattie and Mo that they’re trying to deny.  Lots of house porn, and snippets of the filming of the show, so if you’re a fan of HGTV then you might particularly like this one!


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