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April 11, 2024

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Ruby McTavish was born into extreme wealth and led a charmed life, until at the age of three when she was abducted from the family property in North Carolina. A year later she was returned under bizarre circumstances and life continued as before despite the fact that there were extended family members who doubted that it was the real Ruby who came back.

Many years and four husbands later, Ruby dies leaving the Ashby estate to her adopted son Camden. Needless to say her sister Nelle and Nelle’s family were enraged that the McTavish fortune would go to someone who wasn’t even blood. Camden, wanted nothing to do with the estate or the family, he just wanted a quiet life free of the McTavish greed and drama. He moves to Colorado and takes a teaching job. There he meets the lovely Jules and they settle down into a peaceful existence.

Called back home after the death of his uncle, Camden arrives to find the mansion in a state of disrepair. Nelle’s family have continued to reside there after Ruby’s death. Years of bad blood, distrust and dark family secrets weigh heavy on Camden’s mind and he’s biding his time until he can escape the family clutches once again.

This complex and multi-faceted story is told from three distinct points of view, Camden’s, his wife Jules’s and through a series of letters penned by Ruby to an unknown recipient. As the drama progresses we find out that each of them have skeletons in the closet that they want to remain hidden including Ruby’s secrets surrounding the mysterious deaths of each of her husbands. Camden struggles with his own demons and Jules is definitely not as innocent as she appears.

The Heiress is a dysfunctional family drama filled with passion, intrigue and well-timed plot twists that shows that money may just be the root of all evil.


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