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April 12, 2022

Sometimes as library workers we get to be super sleuths trying to find ‘that book’ that a patron read, loved and wants to revisit or the perfect book to read. The clues can be things like: it was a romance, it was on display, a character’s name was Jack, or my favorite the cover was orange (or any other colour).  So far this year I have read and enjoyed four books with orange covers, all are romances, and one has a leading man named Jack.

Farrah Rochon returns to The Boyfriend Project series with The Dating Playbook. Taylor Powell is a kick butt personal trainer who is struggling with a mountain of debt and family pressure. Jamar Dixion is not willing to give up on his professional football dreams and will do anything to get back into shape after a devastating leg injury. Jamar hires Taylor to help him reach his goals but there is just one problem he doesn’t want anyone to know. To keep his plans a secret Jamar and Taylor fake date…or is it really fake?

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas kept popping up as a recommended read for me and I’m glad I finally payed attention. Catalina lied to her family and said she was bringing a date to her sister’s wedding. Enter Aaron Blackford Catalina’s work nemesis. Aaron offers to travel to Spain with Catalina for the wedding as her boyfriend. After much debate and negotiation they set off for Spain and a wedding that fills Catalina with dread. Will their fake dating charade work? It wouldn’t be a romance without a happily ever after now would it.

The Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy was a book I picked up because I like the cover – a woman sitting on a beach watching the water (and a man swimming). Mac has a very successful internet business but heads to Garnet College in Avalon Bay to please her parents. Cooper is a rough around the edges local with a distain for ‘trust fund’ college kids. Cooper is dared to get Elle to date him, but contempt turns into something more. Will the dare ruin everything?

Katherine Center’s The Bodyguard is sure to be hit when it is released in July. Hannah Brooks is an executive protection agent who loves her work and the travel it provides. Jack Stapleton is a famous actor who after tragedy disappeared from the public eye but will now to anything to protect his sick mom from his stalker a middle aged, sweater knitting dog breeder. To protect Jack’s family and keep his stalker a secret Hannah must go under cover as Jack’s girlfriend. Family drama, romance, a little danger and some ugly sweaters make this humorous, page turning romance one you won’t want to miss.

So if you are looking for a little romance, a book with an orange cover, or a leading man named Jack, why not check out one of these titles? If not one of these, visit the library and one of our Super Sleuth library workers will be happy to help you find the right book.

Patricia Richard
Blog Author

Patricia is a Library Assistant at the Napanee Branch. She is known for her fun and educational children’s storytimes and a great resource for any reader seeking out the latest and greatest romance and chick-lit novels. 


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