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Talking To Canadians

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June 29, 2022

For the very first time, Rick Mercer tells his own personal story in this newly released heartfelt, pitfall-strewn, painfully honest and absolutely hilarious memoir!

Rick Mercer is one of Canada’s most beloved and widely known comedians. He’s been making the country laugh since his early days on This Hour Has 22 Minutes as well as the sketch Talking to Americans before then going onto 15 years of The Rick Mercer Report. From his regular presence on our television screens, he now seems like an old friend to people all across the country. Do you really know his life story though? Have you ever wondered where Rick Mercer came from, what his childhood was like, or how he managed to become one of Canada’s most recognizable celebrities? Well, this book will finally give you the answers to these questions and dozens more!

While reading Talking to Canadians, you will gain insight into the full span of Rick’s life, from childhood to the present through his own skillfully written words. It is both entertaining and interesting to hear from the man himself about all the steps he took to become Canada’s smartest, sharpest and most beloved satirist!

Nowadays, Rick is retired from television and while his hair may be a little more silver than you remember, his reputation as our country’s best comedic genus lives on. It was a real treat to get a taste of his unforgettable humour, biting wit and masterful rants again that so many of us enjoyed watching on The Rick Mercer Report over the years. I guarantee this book will make you burst with laugher as you read along hearing Rick’s voice in your head the entire time. It will also teach you a thing or two about Canada, our politicians and most importantly the hard-working Canadians from sea to sea to sea who are proud to call this country home. His passion for our nation and everything held within our borders will fill you with pride.

In summary, I encourage every Canadian to read this new memoir from one of Canada’s greatest talents.


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