Romantic Comedy

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July 27, 2023

It’s 2018 and Sally Milz is a comedy writer on The Night Owls, a Saturday night comedy show that airs live (definitely think Saturday Night Live!).  Given her crazy schedule and a couple of past heartbreaks, she’s pretty much given up looking for romance.  When her cowriter Danny starts dating a beautiful and popular actress – not the first time this has happened on TNL –Sally responds by writing a sketch called “The Danny Horst Rule”, about how it seems to be the norm for average guys to date beautiful celebrities, but never the other way around.

The week that she’s writing and pitching the sketch, the musical guest and host for the show is a popular (and gorgeous) singer named Noah Brewster.  As they’re thrown together through the week of preparing for the show, and Sally helps Noah to revise a sketch he’s written himself, Sally feels a bond with Noah and starts to wonder … could the Danny Horst rule work in reverse? 

Despite her confidence in her (Emmy award winning) ability to write, Sally isn’t very self-confident in other areas and can’t believe Noah would be interested in her, so at the after party for TNO she blows up an intimate moment with Noah and the two part ways and go back to their separate lives; hers in New York, his in L.A.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the world shuts down due to the pandemic.  With TNO shut down, Sally has moved back to her childhood home in Kansas City with her stepfather and an adorable beagle named Sugar.  One day, out of the blue, she gets an email from Noah Brewster and the two start a correspondence, renewing their acquaintance and getting to know each other more.  Eventually Noah invites Sally to come to L.A. and stay with him.  Of course, throughout the whole drive from Kansas City to L.A. Sally worries about whether he wants her to come because he’s interested in her, or just as a friend, and will she stay in his bedroom, a guest room, or a hotel? Etc., etc. … 

Romantic Comedy is a character driven book, and Sally is a complex and quirky character; and Noah will charm you from his first appearance.  The tone is engaging with lots of witty banter and more than a few laugh out loud moments. Perfect for fans of Emily Henry’s Book Lovers.


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