One Book, One L&A

One Book, One L&A supports reading, celebrates books and writing, promotes Canadian writers and builds a sense of community through a shared reading experience.

We are looking forward to celebrating Canadian Library Month and the culmination of our One Book, One L&A reading program with a visit by author Zoe Whittall.

The event takes place at 1pm on Sunday October 1st at the Amherstview Branch Library, 322 Amherst Drive, Amherstview. **masks are strongly recommended**

The Fake is a compelling, hypnotic tale about grief, lies and truth that forces us to examine what it means to trust. Individuals, book clubs, organizations, employers – everyone – is invited to take up the challenge of the One Book One Community initiative and organize their own way of “getting on the same page” by reading this sharp new novel by Canadian author, poet and screenwriter, Zoe Whittall. The Fake, already a very popular title at our libraries, is a hit with Can-lit readers and those drawn to twisty tales and unreliable narrators.

This story is about the lies people tell and the people that love the liar who tells them. Shelby has always been an anxious person, but after the sudden death of her wife she is barely able to leave her house, pushing away her friends and her family. At a grief support group, she meets alluring wild-child Cammie, who insinuates herself quickly into Shelby’s life, and gives her permission to express her most hopeless, hideous feelings. Shelby begins to feel much better.

Gibson is almost forty, newly divorced, plagued by stress-induced migraines, and laying on the floor of his bachelor apartment refusing to unpack. Then, after he reluctantly drags himself out to a friend’s birthday party, an attractive woman beats him at poker, takes him home, and gives him something to live for. Her name is Cammie. Their relationship quickly turns into the most passionate whirlwind affair he’s ever experienced, and he’s a new man.

To them, Cammie is perfect. She’s exactly what they need. But when Shelby and Gibson meet, they realize that Cammie’s stories don’t always add up. In fact, they might be far from the truth. Do they know the real her? Is the progress they’ve both made all a lie? And does it really matter if the woman they’ve both come to love … is a fake?

Zoe Whittall is a poet, Giller shortlisted author, and a Canadian Screen Award-winning TV and film writer.  Her novels are The Best Kind of People and The Spectacular and she has written and contributed to the Baroness von Sketch Show, Schitt’s Creek and Degrassi: the Next Generation. Born on a sheep farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Zoe Whittall lives in Picton, Ontario.



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