My Powerful Hair

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June 19, 2024

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From the award-winning author Carole Lindstrom, comes an empowering picture book about family history, self-expression and reclaiming your identity.

The story begins with a young Indigenous girl sharing with the reader how both her mother and Nokomis (Ojibwe for grandmother) were not permitted to have long hair. Her mother’s hair was deemed too wild and unkempt, while her Nokomis’ was cut off at a residential school.

Through striking illustrations and meaningful passages, we are taken on an enlightening journey with this young girl, as she teaches us how long hair is deeply powerful for Indigenous peoples. It is a source of strength, a form of self-expression, a connection to Mother Earth, honors ancestral knowledge and is a healing medicine. The stages of the protagonist’s hair growth serve as a timeline of pivotal moments in this story. As her hair grows, we are introduced to many members of her tightknit Indigenous family and see how they all strive to live a meaningful life by following the teachings of their ancestors.

I was deeply moved and inspired by the knowledge presented in this story. The author did a wonderful job sharing with readers the significance long hair holds in Indigenous cultures by weaving a stunning tale together that will fill you with strength and courage just by reading it.

I encourage readers of all ages to honour and learn about the connections Indigenous peoples have to each other and to the earth through their hair in this beautifully powerful book!


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