Merry Christmas Anne

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December 15, 2022

If you’re eager to introduce the beloved Anne Shirley of Green Gables to your little ones at home then Merry Christmas, Anne is a beautifully illustrated picture book that can do just that this holiday season!

This heartwarming story takes place during Anne’s first Christmas in Avonlea and she is thankful for so many things. The feathery frosts, silvery seas and trees that gleam like pearls are filling her with joy! However, Anne is a little distracted because she is set to recite poems at the upcoming Christmas concert and is getting quite nervous about her performance. Can Anne overcome the jitters and make her friends and family proud on stage?

The nostalgic phrases and beloved characters from Anne of Green Gables embedded within this story make it a special treat for adult readers who know and love the classic story. In addition, the combination of magical illustrations and lyrical writing is sure to make this a go to favourite for children year after year. This book is also a perfect way for parents who are fans of the original novel by L. M. Montgomery to introduce Anne to their youngsters by reading this marvelous story together. Lastly, this festive picture book is a holiday read that Anne fans of all ages will adore and is a truly joyous way to celebrate the season!


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