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January 27, 2024

Inheritance is the first book in Nora Roberts’ new Lost Bride Trilogy. Sonya has inherited a huge old Victorian house in Maine from an uncle she never knew existed. His will (of course!) says she must live in the house for three years to inherit it, and having broken up with her fiance and between jobs, Sonya heads off to Maine. 
At first, Sonya tends to think she’s just been overstressed when she walks into the kitchen and finds it already cleaned up when she doesn’t remember doing it, or her bed made in the morning. She eventually has to concede that her new house is indeed haunted.
A centuries old curse has resulted in the house being haunted by seven ‘lost brides’, all killed by a vengeful witch, as well as the ghosts of anybody who’s died there in that time.  The brides need Sonya to find the seven lost wedding rings the witch stole from them, and gradually feed her clues and information.
I loved getting to know the ghosts; from a child who trains Sonya’s new dog to do tricks, to the ghost of a maid who does the bed-making, dishes and keeps the place miraculously free of dust, to the flower child who turns out to be Sonya’s biological grandmother. Throw in Sonya’s best friend who’s from Louisiana and whose grandmother is quite witchy, and a love interest, and this book is a good deal of fun on many levels.  You have a mystery, some suspense, romance, humour, magical realism, and a doozy of a cliff hanger! I can’t wait for book two!

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