Themed Book Club

Each month we explore a different topic through fiction and non-fiction titles.
This is an in-person program at our Amherstview branch.


This year, we are exploring the following themes:

JANUARY – Frankenstein Remade 

FIC – creator/creation (remaking someone)

NF – science/cloning/artificial intelligence (advancements)

FEBRUARY – Celebrate Love

FIC – Stories of Love (disability, pets, non-stereotypical)

NF – What is Love (mostly memoirs, diversity)

MARCH – On the Road Again

FIC – journeys (update Great Reading Getaways)

NF – on the road again (history of road trips, different perspectives)

APRIL – Retirement Hitlist  

FIC – thought provoking reads to make you laugh and/or think

NF – retirement recommendations

MAY – Red Dress Day

FIC – red dress suggestions

NF – as above, crisis in Canada

JUNE – Alien 

FIC – how aliens are portrayed in first contact stories/series

NF – SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and philosophical views

JULY – Web of Connections

FIC – story of things: inanimate object/story of passing from one person to another

NF – the things we make -history of inventors and inventions

AUGUST – Tick Tock: 24 Hour Stories 

FIC – take place over 24 hours

NF – examine the concept of time

SEPTEMBER – Fish Out of Water 

FIC – bumpy road: characters leave comfort zones adjusting to new situation

NF – sea changes: how unexpected events led to key revelations for self, community

OCTOBER – Wicked Women 

FIC – good witch (reclaim power, heal, right wrongs)

NF – bad witch (witches, witch trials, enduring impact)

NOVEMBER – Facing Racism 

FIC – In Living Colour: lived experiences of racism

NF – Until Justice Be Done: BiPoC contributions & human rights

DECEMBER – Engendering Gender 

FIC – Read the Rainbow: explore identity and/or feature non-conforming characters

NF – Gender Quest: memoirs, science primers, exploring gender identity workbooks





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